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About me

Sarah Khanna

My spiritual awakening occurred in late teens when physical illness triggered my exploration into healing and meditation. At a local healing centre I felt as if I had come ‘home’ and experienced a sense of connection and inspiration that kickstarted a lifelong journey of personal discovery and transformation.


I have a BSc in Psychology and a Foundation Certificate and Post Graduate Diploma in Psychosynthesis Counselling and am fully insured and BACP registered. I trained with the National Federation of Spiritual Healers and have taught Reiki and meditation classes both in the UK and abroad.


I regularly undertake continuing professional development courses to continue to support myself and my clients in the best way possible. I have a strong personal interest in meditation and mindfulness and how it can be of therapeutic benefit.  I am influenced by the work of both Lita De Alberdi and Tara Brach and their teachings on mindfulness and its application to clinical work.


I have studied and trained with Lita de Alberdi at the School of the Living Light since 2003. I am a graduate of the Awakening Your Light Body, Radiance and Radiance: Transmitting Light courses as developed by DaBen and Orin. These courses are focused on the evolution of consciousness both personally and in service for humanity. 


I am a mum of two young children who have turned out to be my greatest teachers to date.


All my work comes from a place of love, kindness and safety.  My aim is to hold a space of love and awareness where you can explore your own inner world, seek your own answers, heal what needs to heal and find your inspiration and strength from within. 


I look forward to meeting you.

My purpose as a counsellor is to assist people who are struggling with an aspect of their life, seeking change or looking for a different way of coping.
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What is Psychosynthesis?

In creating Psychosynthesis, Dr Roberto Assagioli (1888-1974) was influenced by many different traditions. Originally a contemporary and student of Freud, Assagioli gathered wisdom from Yoga, Philosophy, Buddhism, Jewish and Christian Mysticism as well as the writings of Alice Bailey. 

Psychosynthesis is called a transpersonal approach because it includes and integrates the spiritual aspect of being human. It acknowledges the full range of human experience, challenges, pain and shadow as well as light and joy. Psychosynthesis gives space to the superconscious, the aspect of us that generates that which is highest and most meaningful. Through creative techniques including use of imagination, free drawing and guided visualisations we can receive insights from areas that may be held out of consciousness. We can then seek to understand and integrate this wisdom towards not just greater wellbeing but also towards living a more authentic, happy and fulfilling life.


As we explore and become aware of our thoughts, feelings and memories, so we can start to make sense of our inner world. When various elements of our being are in conflict our energy becomes blocked and this causes pain. Through a process of disidentification, we can detach from the varied parts of our personality that may dominate or rule us, understand them from the context of the bigger picture, and integrate them in a more harmonious whole. 


The models within Psychosynthesis support my work as a meditation teacher, giving an essential grounding and psychological framework to deepen my understanding of the transformational processes that I teach. Psychosynthesis psychotherapy provides a substantial and comprehensive body of knowledge and experience whilst also remaining open and receptive to the voice of the Self / Soul and Universal wisdom. It is this balance between knowledge and inspiration that supports the safe holding and exploration of suffering and pain. We can go into our deepest pain and darkest shadow with the understanding that there is hope, we can find light and illumination and there is the possibility of transformation.

Roberto Assagioli's Egg Diagram
Map of the Wholeness of the Human Psyche

My Qualifications


Bsc Psychology

University of Birmingham


Reiki Master

Usui Shiki Ryoho


Healer Member

National Federation of Spiritual Healers

Psychosynthesis Education Trust


Foundation Certificate

Psychosynthesis Counselling


Postgraduate Diploma

Psychosynthesis Counselling

School of Living Light


Awakening your Light Body


Radiance: Self exciting and Filling in the Frequencies


Opening to Channel, Working with your Guide & Advanced Channelling workshops


Becoming a Teacher


Radiance: Transmitting Light ‘Awakening your Light Body’ teachers’ class

2011 to date

Ascension 1 to 24 - Living as Your Soul

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