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Awakening Your Light Body

Awakening your light body teaches you how to achieve higher, expanded states of consciousness and how to bring a higher consciousness into your personality and everyday life. This is one path to enlightenment and living life on earth as your Higher Self.

“Awakening Your

Light Body puts you on a path of initiation, enlightenment, and greater world service”

The Awakening Your Light Body course which I took in 2003 has been the foundation for all my subsequent development. The systematic focus upon the emotional, mental and energetic/light bodies helped to grow my awareness of how I was feeling, thinking and being and gave me the skills to create lasting change.


It has been a hugely transformative and empowering journey where I have brought my whole being and way of life more into resonance with my Highest Self/Soul. It is a journey that I love to share with those who feel called to take it. I am a graduate of the Awakening Your Light Body course as developed by DaBen and Orin, channelled by Duane Packer and Sanaya Roman and I am teaching others in awakening their light bodies based upon my understanding of it.

There are many paths to spiritual growth and transformation, all of them valid, we are simply offering one way, it may be your way. We send you love and light on your special path of growth and if it is appropriate for us to work together then we welcome you with an open heart.

See Awakening Your Light Body FAQs

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"I have known Sarah for more than 25 years and she is without doubt one of the most spiritual people I have met on my path. Sarah is not only infinitely loving, caring and helping but her ability to put together this course is second to none. With Sarah you are in the best hands and the course is exceptional and an important step on anyone’s spiritual development."

John Cox, Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner and healer


What is the Light Body?

Your light body is the spiritual shimmer that is the next evolutionary step for humanity. Your light body is a new energy body, a part of your aura that it was not possible to awaken before the new, higher energies came to the earth plane. As you awaken your light body it is like having a new kind of vision. You will be able to see, sense and feel the higher, more beautiful energies of the higher dimensions and make them more a part of your everyday life.

Awakening your light body creates a level of harmony between all your energy bodies, aligning your physical, emotional, and mental energy bodies so that your spiritual shimmer is activated. To align your energy bodies you will work with the seven vibrational energy body centres that affect them. (These are not chakras). From this position of alignment and flow you will work with the three light body centres to awaken your Light Body.

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Why Awaken Your Light Body?

Awakening your light body teaches you how to achieve higher, expanded states of consciousness and how to bring a higher consciousness into your personality and everyday life. This is one path to enlightenment and living life on earth as your Higher Self.

As it awakens, your light body sounds many new notes within you of a higher vibration, notes that will change your life. You will attract opportunities to make a difference in the world as you begin to hold and radiate more light. Awakening the light body can sustain you in having a clearer vision of what you are here to do, lifting the veils so that you can see more of your purpose and who you are. If you are teaching, healing or working with others, it will help your work to have a more profound effect and to make you more magnetic to clients and students. The skills you learn with the centres will enable you to hold a healing space for others to facilitate their healing process. If you are a writer, musician, artist or in any creative field it can help you to achieve the illumined states necessary to bring through your work.

By awakening the light body you will be helped to create states of inner illumination, mental clarity and an open heart at will. You will more easily choose how you want to feel, the thoughts you want, be more focused, mentally alert and physically vibrant. You can accomplish an increasing ability to harmonise with the energies around you and not be affected by denser ones. You can become more transparent to lower energies and choose inner peace all the time.

Awakening your light body can make an enormous difference in your personal relationships. As your energy becomes higher, more beautiful and more radiant, people will act and think in higher, more loving ways around you without your trying to change them. Your heart will be open and you will understand what it means to live as your Higher Self. If you are around children, these energies can help them to reach a greater level of calmness and focus. As you open to this greater flow and light, you can attract more abundance, opportunities and loving people into your life. You can be around many different kinds of people and stay centred, calm and transparent to ‘denser’ energies.

We invite you to join us in the Awakening Your Light Body course. These techniques are easy to learn, the energy centres are real and are not difficult to experience. As you learn to work with the centres you will see positive results that might have seemed miraculous before you understood the process. Awakening your light body can create many lasting, profound changes in your life.

As you awaken your light body you will be on a path of accelerated spiritual growth. We call those who are ready to make this quantum leap in their spiritual development and are truly committed to their spiritual development - we send you love and rejoice in your growth and commitment at this crucial time. We look forward to meeting you and sharing in this wonderful process with you.

How can you tell if the Awakening Your Light Body course is the next step for you?

  • Are you interested in experiencing higher, expanded states of consciousness?

  • Are you willing to learn new levels of being present in the moment?

  • Have you been on a spiritual growth path for a while, and are you ready to take a quantum leap in your spiritual growth?

  • Do you believe that you create your own reality?

  • Is your spiritual growth important to you and are you willing to devote some time and energy to it every week?

  • Have you felt drawn to such things as connecting with your Higher Self, learning how to channel, developing your psychic or clairvoyant abilities, meditating, healing or other practises that expand your consciousness?


If you have answered yes to some or all of these questions you are already experiencing the beginning stages of awakening your light body and you are ready to take the Light Body class with us.

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