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We all have times where we experience difficulties that feel too much or situations where we feel stuck. Feelings of anxiety, depression, grief and anger are very normal but we don't always know how to cope with them and may feel overwhelmed. You may not be sure what is wrong but you know something isn’t right.

Perhaps you are struggling with an aspect of your life, wanting change or looking for a different way of coping? Whatever your situation might be, talking to a trained professional in a safe and supportive environment can help.  I would welcome the opportunity to meet you and understand more about you and your situation. Together we can talk about what might be at the heart of your difficulties and how therapy can help you.


All my work comes from a place of love, kindness and safety. Together we can bring awareness and transformation to areas that might feel stuck or broken. You can reconnect to your own inner wisdom and find ways of living a more fulfilling and joyful life.

I look forward to meeting you.

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Counselling can help with...

  • a recent breakdown of a relationship or a bereavement;

  • repeatedly falling into the same patterns of behaviour;

  • loss of meaning or purpose in life;

  • learning better coping strategies in dealing with stress;

  • if you are struggling with anxiety, depression or anger issues;

  • other reasons for personal development;

  • and many other things.


First Steps

​​​Getting started with counselling can sometimes feel daunting.  The first step is to message me or email me and we can arrange an initial call on zoom or phone.  We can discuss any questions or worries you have and you can tell me a bit about your situation.  

The initial meeting gives you the chance to say more about your situation, talk through your concerns and how you're feeling.  This will help to clarify and identify the issues, give us a chance to get to know each other and think about how counselling can help.  Anything you share will be treated in strict confidence. 


£50 for each 60 minute session with a 24 hour cancellation policy.  Concessions are available for anyone facing financial difficulty and cases can be discussed on an individual basis.

First Session


The initial consultation is free.  It is important to have a conversation to see if you feel I am the right counsellor for you and it allows us to discuss what you want to get from counselling.

I offer weekly sessions, we can work short or long term and can review at any time.  Sessions are conducted face to face in Beaconsfield or via Zoom.  

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